Double Door Wardrobe

Wardrobes span back many years and have come a long way in both their design, size and build quality. We all remember back when we were younger, of our parents having a significant piece of furniture in the bedroom and that being their wardrobe. For many families a double wardrobe in each bedroom is sufficient which means the double wardrobe is the most popular size of wardrobe.

Nomatter what manufacturer has designed and built the wardrobe, each make all stems from the same basic qualifications which give a wardrobe its characteristics. The first being the large wide double doors which have a handle or latch to open the door. With many wardrobes, pine is used to build these pieces of furniture as this wood usually weights less than oak and is cheaper to due to this fast growing quality.

The large doors can have one of many characteristics such as the knots and gains in the wood producing a beautiful wardrobe door but for added functionality, it can be very common for a full length mirror to be build into one of the double doors. With a triple wardrobe, you usually find a similar mirror down the middle of the wardrobe with a single door either side and in total, giving the wardrobe its triple size definition.